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                Manoj Saboo



The healer has been involved in unique DIVINE LIGHT  AND ENERGY  HEALING  THERAPY since last 10+ years. He is a Certified Reiki Master (3rd level), with some experience in Accupressure & Reflexology. He has been doing his own research in the field of subtle energy channels (meridians) of the human body since the last few years and have had amazing new discoveries of LIGHT AND ENERGY CHANNELS unknown to the present spiritual energy healing community. The present form of energy healing he does, is something like Advanced Powerful Reiki. It has been developed by him with the help of Divine Powers, which is a lot more detailed and powerful. He has been gifted with Super Powerful Divine

Light and Energy Healing capability, from SHIVA. This healing is extremely powerful and gives fast results to the recipient. It has been proved quite successful for each person who has received this healing. There are many more invaluable benefits, which can be experienced only when you try. 


SHIVA ENERGY HEALING is an extremely powerful energy which is very rare to find. SHIVA ENERGY IS COMBINATION OF POWERFUL DIVINE SPIRITUAL LIGHT & ENERGY WHICH ALSO INCLUDES POWER OF KUNDALINI, SEVEN CHAKRAS AND FIVE ELEMENTS OF NATURE ALONG WITH THE SUPREME DIVINE POWERS OF SHIVA. It is one of a kind divine energy which comes only after intense spiritual practices for long time. Many new human energy channels/meridians have been discovered to help restore health. Energy flows like a laser from the hands of the healer and burn the toxic energy. This energy burns the blockage and helps restore the good energy to flow again to heal the body and make it healthy. The same thing applies to the Brain also, if the negative energies are cleaned regularly brain and the other problems will be less. It also helps quite well in the conditions like DEPRESSION, VARIOUS HEADACHES ETC, where modern medicines are not that effective. Even healthy persons have hidden problems which can surface later in life but sometimes it is too late for energy healing. Healthy persons should take the energy cleaning sessions regularly, just as going to spa for rejuvenation. This will keep them healthy, energetic, positive minded, and save them from many potential problems for a longer time. This is the best and most natural Anti-Ageing Therapy. 
This healing not only heals problems which the person knows about, but it also finds the hidden problems and heal them. The medical reports can only reveal the problems which are advanced and come at the physical level. Health problems never start at the physical level, it starts with the inside energy system. It takes long time to convert into the diseases. This healing takes care of such bad seeds of health problems.
Most of the times if the problem surfaces at one place of the body the root cause is often at another place. For example, there is dirty flooding in the kitchen, but the reason would be the one of the clogged drainage. If you clear the water that will not solve the problem. You have to fix the clogged pipeline to resolve the issue. Now since that is physical, everyone can see, it gets fixed, but we ignore inside clogging since it is invisible and then bear the consequences, and we don't even know, why this problem came. 
Human body has a very organized network of life force energy current channels. As there is a network of nerves in the body, the same way there is an invisible network of subtle energy channels (similar to nerves).  Electrical bulb and appliances are powered by electrical current, our physical body is also powered by lots of different kinds of electromagnetic life force energy currents. Without these life force energy flows, human body cannot survive. There are thousands of such energy channels in our body. These channels can be understood as pipe lines where the energy flows to different parts of the body. Till there is a good flow of such bio-energy currents, our body will remain healthy, young and energetic.


In today's world we keep inhaling the pollutants in the form of dirty air, we have to eat pesticides/toxins/chemicals with food, we go through electronic pollution, noise pollution, daily work stress, emotional stress etc. These irritants gradually block the life force energy channels which are vital for the life, and these pipe lines get clogged due to these reasons. As a result, the supply of life force energies reduce and gradually stops. Different channels supply current to different organs. Whichever organs receive less supply of  bio-current due to blockages  starts getting weaker and then diseased. Some organs may be silently getting diseased, and some starts getting pain signals. When the pain comes, we simply take pain killer to suppress it, which can only be a temporary solution to deal with it. Pain is just an alarm to an internal problem, by taking painkiller we simply put the alarm off not the problem. This same problem later converts into a disease, but we are not able to connect the dots in absence of any such diagnostic system. If these toxins are cleaned in a regular way, mind, body and soul will be much healthier. "A stitch in time saves nine". If this problem was corrected at an early stage the serious diseases would not have happened. Sometimes, it becomes too late for such wonderful energy healing therapy to work.


 Ways To Receive Healing


There are two ways to take Healing Sessions, first is in person and second is Distance Healing. Both of them are quite powerful in terms of Healing Power. Depending on the situation one can opt either of both.

In Person Healing: 
When you are in close proximity, and can be physically present to receive the healing session in person, then you can come to the office.


Distance / Remote Healing: 
If you are far from the office and cannot come personally, then you can take Distance Healing. It does not matter how far you are from the office. Even if you are located in another continent, it does not matter. You can still get the full benefits of the super powerful Shiva Energy Healing.   


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